Firmware update: BBHN-1.1.0 released

Broadband-Hamnet announced yesterday the release of BBHN-1.1.0, which adds official support for some Ubiquiti 5.8GHz devices, and back-to-back links (e.g. setting up a 5.8GHz mesh backbone with 2.4GHz last-mile links to individual endpoints)

Check out the release notes for full details, but the new firmware does change the SSID yet again, which means upgrading a device will separate it from an existing mesh with older HSMM-MESH or BroadbandHamnet-v1 SSIDs.

Currently, all known KM3SH affiliated nodes are running BBHN-1.0.0 or a compatible build. We are still designing the deployment details, and will likely ask everyone to upgrade to 1.1.0 once we’ve tested it.

KM3SH: Meshing Kansas City!

KCMARC is a group of amateur radio operators interested in high-speed mesh networks in the ham bands. Specifically, we’re focusing on a wide-spread implementation of Broadband-Hamnet/HSMM
in the greater Kansas City area starting with the I-35 corridor.

Below are some relevant links:

(Updated links on 2016-03-12)