Near-term club goals

Three serious club goals loom, in order from most important to least:
1. Design the specifications for a basic mesh infrastructure, including long-haul links between towers and rooftops, as well as concentrators for endpoints (likely consumer grade hardware) in the field.  This should include a parts list of everything needed for major infrastructure sites.
2. Brainstorming and creation of useful applications that can run alone on the mesh without any additional Internet connectivity, preferably the kind that facilitate easy, minimal-configuration ways for users at different endpoints to communicate with one another be it via text, audio or video.
3. Get basic infrastructure coverage of the I-35 corridor from Olathe or Gardner up to Downtown KCMO. We already have a few possible locations for backbone-style nodes near I-35, and several folks from KCHEART are interested, which may result in backbone nodes and concentrators on several area hospitals, both near and well outside the I-35 corridor.

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